What is the Kulmiye Peace Unity and Development Party and its role in Somaliland politics?


The Kulmiye Peace Unity and Development Party, also known as UCID (Unity, Calmness, and Development), is one of the major political parties in Somaliland. This political entity plays a significant role in shaping the political landscape of this self-proclaimed republic located on the Horn of Africa. In this text, we will explore the origins, ideologies, achievements, and impact of the Kulmiye Peace Unity and Development Party in Somaliland politics.

Origins and Ideologies

The Kulmiye Peace Unity and Development Party was established on March 10, 2005, by prominent politician Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame (Farole). The party’s name signifies the commitment to promote peace, unity, and development in Somaliland. It is a secular, democratic political entity that believes in the rule of law and respect for human rights.

The Kulmiye Party advocates for a peaceful transition from clan-based politics to a modern, inclusive democracy. The party’s platform emphasizes the importance of education, healthcare, infrastructure development, economic growth, and good governance. Moreover, it seeks to establish strong diplomatic relations with international partners and promote regional stability.

Achievements and Impact

The Kulmiye Peace Unity and Development Party has made significant strides in Somaliland politics since its establishment. In the 2010 presidential elections, its candidate, Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame (Farole), won a historic victory by securing over 49% of the votes, marking the first peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another in Somaliland’s history.

Under Farole’s administration, several notable achievements were recorded. Infrastructure development projects, such as the expansion of Hargeisa International Airport and the construction of new roads, contributed significantly to economic growth. The government also invested heavily in education and healthcare sectors, resulting in an increase in accessibility and quality of services.

Moreover, Kulmiye’s tenure saw a marked improvement in diplomatic relations with international partners. In 2012, Somaliland secured observer status at the African Union, a significant milestone for the self-declared republic.


In conclusion, the Kulmiye Peace Unity and Development Party is an essential political entity in Somaliland that advocates for peace, unity, and development. Its commitment to democratic values, good governance, and economic growth has been instrumental in shaping the political landscape of this self-proclaimed republic. The party’s achievements during its tenure, including peaceful power transfers and infrastructure development projects, demonstrate its impact on Somaliland politics. As web developers, it is essential to stay informed about political developments in Somaliland, and understanding the role of parties like Kulmiye will help us create more accurate and relevant content for our users.