How can I start developing for Linux Unity platforms?


Hello web developers! Today we’re going to explore how to get started with developing Unity projects for Linux platforms. Unity, a popular game engine, now supports Linux as one of its target platforms. Let’s dive in and uncover the process step by step.


Before we begin, ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Operating System: Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or a Linux distribution that supports Unity 2021 or later versions.
  2. Unity Hub: Download and install Unity Hub to manage your Unity projects and versions.
  3. Development Tools: Install the necessary development tools, such as Visual Studio Code and Git.
  4. Hardware Requirements: Meet the minimum system requirements for running Unity on Linux.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

  1. Installing Unity with Hub: Launch Unity Hub, sign in to your account, and download the desired version of Unity for Linux. Install it using the installation wizard.
  2. Updating Your System: Update your Ubuntu system and all installed packages to the latest versions.

  3. Setting Up Unity: Configure your Unity project settings to target the Linux platform. This includes configuring input mappings, screen resolutions, and other necessary settings.

Developing on Linux with Unity

  1. Programming in C: Use C as your primary programming language for developing games in Unity on Linux. You can write scripts using Visual Studio Code or MonoDevelop.
  2. Creating Assets and Scenes: Design your game assets, such as models, textures, animations, and scenes using Blender or other compatible tools. Import these assets into Unity for further development.
  3. Building and Testing Your Project: Build and test your project on Linux to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Use the integrated Unity editor to check for any issues and fix them accordingly.
  4. Publishing Your Game: Once you’ve completed developing your game, use the Unity Editor to create a package and publish it on various platforms such as the Ubuntu Software Center or Steam.


Congratulations, web developers!

You now have a solid understanding of how to start developing Unity projects for Linux platforms. With this knowledge, you can begin creating captivating games that cater to the Linux community and expand your reach as a developer.